Pokemon UNITE Garchomp Build Guide

Pokemon UNITE Garchomp Build Guide
Pokemon UNITE Garchomp Build Guide / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's Garchomp build lets players utilize this Dragon- and Ground-type Pokemon during matches and enhance the offense on any team. With a strategic move set and specific held items, Garchomp can become a formidable character to play in the game.

Garchomp in Pokemon UNITE is an A-Tier character that's known for its all-rounder skills, as well as its intermediate nature in being difficult to play.

This Dragon- and Ground-type Pokemon's go-to moves in the game consist of Bulldoze, Dragon Rush, Sand Rush, Earthquake, Dig, Dragon Claw, and Livid Outrage. Garchomp also has a Melee attack range.

Pokemon UNITE Garchomp Build Guide

Players can obtain Garchomp through evolving Gible into Gabite at level 6, and then transforming Gabite into Garchomp at level 10.

Garchomp can be utilized as an offense and an endurance player. Users can also use this Pokemon for its sufficient mobility and scoring stats. However, it's not recommended to use Garchomp in a supporting role.

Garchomp's best build consists of using its Dig and Earthquake moves. Additionally, players should place a Muscle Band, Floating Stone, or Rocky Helmet as held items for this Pokemon.

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