Pokemon UNITE Snorlax Build Guide

Pokemon UNITE Snorlax Build Guide
Pokemon UNITE Snorlax Build Guide / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's Snorlax build increases the likelihood of winning matches and providing a decent defense during battles. With a certain move set and some held items, this Normal-type Pokemon can become one of the best assets on your team.

Snorlax in Pokemon UNITE is an S-Tier character and it takes on a defender role during matches. This Normal-type Pokemon is also regarded as a novice in being difficult to play.

Snorlax's best moves in the game consist of Tackle, Heavy Slam, Rest, Flail, Block, Yawn, and Power Nap. Snorlax also has Melee attack skills.

This Normal-type's strongest skills lie in its high endurance, making it the perfect defense on any team. However, it's not recommended to utilize Snorlax for offense or scoring situations.

Pokemon UNITE Snorlax Build Guide

Snorlax's best build involves using its Heavy Slam and Block moves. Heavy Slam lets Snorlax slam its body and inflict damage on a nearby opponent. Block helps Snorlax form into a shield and keeps foes from passing from this defensive stance.

It's also recommended to give Leftovers, Rocky Helmet, and Assault Vest as held items for Snorlax. Leftovers and a Rocky. Helmet help recover some health, while an Assault Vest also prevents damage from a foe's special attack.

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