Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build Explained

Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build Explained
Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build Explained / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's Wigglytuff build lets players utilize this Normal- and Fairy-type Pokemon during battles and increase the chances of winning a match. From giving it held items to creating a strategic move set, here's everything you need to know about Wigglytuff's best build.

Wigglytuff in Pokemon UNITE is a C-Tier character and is regarded as a supporter during matches. This Normal- and Fairy-type Pokemon is also regarded as an intermediate character in difficulty of playing it.

Wigglytuff's go-to moves include Pound, Dazzling Gleam, Defense Curl, Double Slap, Rollout, Starlight Recital, and Sing. This supporting character also has ranged attack skills. Jigglypuff can evolve at Wigglytuff at level 4.

Pokemon UNITE Wigglytuff Build Explained

When making the best build for Wigglytuff, users should utilize the Pokemon's Rollout and Dazzling Gleam moves. Rollout allows Wigglytuff to form a shield while knocking back enemies. Dazzling Gleam inflicts a heavy amount of damage in two hits.

Players should also give Leftovers, Shell Bell, and Exp. Share as held items for Wigglytuff. Leftovers and a Shell Bell help this Pokemon revive some of its health, while Exp. Share assists in leveling up Wigglytuff with bonus experience points.

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