Pokemon UNITE Zeraora Build Explained

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora Build Explained
Pokemon UNITE Zeraora Build Explained / Photo courtesy of The Pokemon Company

Pokemon UNITE's Zeraora build helps players utilize this Electric-type Pokemon during battles and increases the chances of winning a match. From giving it held items to strategizing its best moves, here's everything you need to know about Zeraora's best build.

Zeraora in Pokemon UNITE is an S-Tier character and this Electric-type Pokemon is known for its speed in the game. Additionally, Zeraora is also regarded as an expert in being difficult to play.

This Electric-type's best moves consist of Slash, Agility, Plasma Gale, Spark, Volt Switch, Discharge, and Wild Charge. Zeraora is also known for its Melee attack range.

Pokemon UNITE Zeraora Build Explained

Zeraora has high offense and mobility stats, as well as a decent scoring ranking. However, it's not recommended to use this Pokemon for its endurance, or as a supporting role.

Zeraora's best move set consists of Spark and Discharge. Spark boosts Zeraora toward an opponent and can inflict damage. Discharge lets this Electric-type Pokemon emit an electrical discharge and inflicts damage on a foe that's near the user.

As for held items, it's recommended to use a Muscle Band, Float Stone, or Scope Lens. A Muscle Band improves the effectiveness of Zeraora's auto-attacks, while Float Stone assists with its speed. A Scope Lens inflicts higher damage on an opponent.

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