Pokémon x Build-a-Bear Sylveon Revealed: Price, Release Date, How to Get

Sylveon Build-a-Bear with 5-in-1 sound.
Sylveon Build-a-Bear with 5-in-1 sound. / Build-a-Bear, Pokémon

The latest Pokémon Build-a-Bear toy has been revealed — Sylveon. Here's where to purchase one, its price and, more importantly, what it looks like.

We saw plenty of Pokémon collaborations with brands across 2022, including the highly sought after Pokémon Squishmallows. Though we're only a few days into 2023, it seems the year is already willing to provide a bonus for Pokémon fans.

The latest addition to the long-running Pokémon Build-a-Bear collaboration is Sylveon, the Fairy-type evolution for Eevee. In the past we've seen all of Eevee's other eight evolutions get the Build-a-Bear treatment, including Glaceon, Leafeon and Espeon. Sylveon is the last evolution that Pokémon fans will want to add to their collection.

Pokémon x Build-a-Bear Sylveon Release Date

Sylveon Build-a-Bear with Sleeper, Cape and 5-in-1 sound.
Sylveon Build-a-Bear with Sleeper, Cape and 5-in-1 sound. / Build-a-Bear, Pokémon

Though Sylveon was already made available online on Dec. 27, 2022, as expected the plush was quick to sell out. Luckily, a retail release is on the way.

The Sylveon Build-a-Bear will be available in retail stores on Jan. 5, 2023.

Pokémon x Build-a-Bear Sylveon Price

The Sylveon Build-a-Bear online bundle was available for $72 USD, or £57 GDP in the UK. It included the following:

  • Sylveon with 5-in-1 Sound
  • Sylveon Cape
  • Sylveon Sleeper

The retail bundle will likely sell for the same price.

Pokémon x Build-a-Bear Sylveon: How to Get

Pokémon fans will be able to purchase the Sylveon Build-a-Bear from participating Build-a-Bear retailers. Visit your nearest store to purchase the plush.

It is unclear if the Sylveon Build-a-Bear will get an online restock, though others in the collection have received some in the past.