Pokimane Net Worth 2023: How Much Does She Make Streaming?

Pokimane is one of Twitch's biggest, and most influential, streamers.
Pokimane is one of Twitch's biggest, and most influential, streamers. / Pokimane

Pokimane has cemented herself as one of the most popular and influential content streamers around, but what is her net worth in 2023?

Streaming in one of the fastest-growing and popular forms of content creation, particularly prevalent when it comes to video game content. As the biggest female Twitch streamer, with over 9 million followers, Pokimane has had a significant impact in the gaming sphere.

Beginning in 2013, the Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer made a name for herself by streaming League of Legends content. Eventually, she added Fortnite, Valorant and Minecraft to her streams. She has since gone on to receive multiple sponsorships and helped to launch a talent management and brand consulting firm called RTS.

With so much work put into growing her Twitch and YouTube channels, and with being one of the most recognisable streamers around, it's no doubt that many fans are curious as to what her net worth is.

What is Pokimane's Net Worth in 2023?

According to The Loadout, in 2022 Pokimane's net worth was between $2-3 million. The majority of this stemming from content created on both Twitch and YouTube, as well as donation, ads and sponsorships. However, the streamer previously confirmed that most Twitch income is generated from "sponsors, investments, and exclusive contracts," after capping her donations in 2020.

In November 2022, in a video titled “eating spicy food & answering spicy questions,” the streamer answered questions from fans about her reported net worth.

“I remember one of my last Q&A’s from like, years ago, I think I was Googling myself. I remember sitting at a table and checking what Google says my net worth was, and it was like 2 million USD or something, and I was like, I wish!” Pokimane said.

The streamer went on to hint that perhaps her current net worth is far above the $2 million mark in 2023. "I will confirm my net worth isn’t 2 million. My bank account was so far from that at the time. Now, um, well, technically, it’s still far…but just in the other direction.”

Of course, net worth isn't just what's in your bank account at any given time, but rather an account of all financial assets including wealth of the individual, business and household.

Outside of Twitch, Pokimane also has over 6.6 million subscribers on YouTube. It's estimated that the creator earns roughly between $5,000-10,000 on a monthly basis from YouTube alone.