Polteageist Pokemon: Everything You Need to Know

Polteageist Pokémon has been revealed for Nintendo's latest installment to their landmark franchise, Pokémon Sword and Shield, during the Sept. 4 Nintendo Direct.

We were able to see and hear about all sorts of new features coming to the game—including what many are calling the revival of the poffin system from Diamond and Pearl. On top of that, two brand new Pokémon were announced.

Here's the tea.

Polteageist Pokémon

Polteageist is most likely an amalgamation of two English words: "poltergeist" meaning an active ghost and "tea" because it lives in a teapot. According to the Direct video, Polteageist often makes its home in old dining-ware from restaurants and its body is made completely out of tea with a unique aroma and flavor. You might even be able to taste it if your Pokémon trusts you enough.

Polteageist in its teapot
Polteageist in its teapot /

This Pokémon is a ghost-type and has the special ability "Weak Armor", though we aren't quite sure what that means in Generation VIII. In previous generations, this ability made it so physical attacks lowered the Pokémon's defense stat but increased its speed stat. It's likely we'll see a continuation of this going forward.

Polteageist is definitely a cut-tea, although the idea of physically being able to drink it is a little off-putting. Hopefully, that's just a bit of non-extrapolated lore like with Phantump.

Images courtesy of Nintendo