Polyanitsa Zarya Skin Revealed for Overwatch Archives 2021

Polyanitsa Zarya
Polyanitsa Zarya | Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Polyanitsa Zarya is one of five new Legendary skins that have arrived in Overwatch on Tuesday as the game kicks off its latest seasonal event: Overwatch Archives 2021.

Although Overwatch Archives tends to focus on the history of the game's characters and the backstory of the organization of the same name, this year's event has shifted focus slightly. Instead, it's chosen to highlight the national histories of the game's many and widespread characters.

Polyanitsa Zarya Skin Revealed for Overwatch Archives 2021

Zarya's skin, named for the Russian word for river, draws on the armor worn by Russian warriors in medieval times. She wears brigandine on her torso, chainmail on her shoulders, and ties her hair back in a braid that wraps around the back of her head. Her gun also appears to draw on the design of the arquebuses used in the era.

The skin's design draws on the bogatyr, a prominent and recurring figure in Russian legend not unlike the cowboy of American myth or the knight errant of medieval England.

Polyanitsa Zarya arrives alongside five new Legendary skins, three Epic skins, and plenty of other cosmetics in Archives. The event runs Tuesday, April 6, through April 27.