Pop party balloons Fortnite is the latest directive given by the 14 Days of Summer, and players looking to maximize their cosmetic payouts will want to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. Here's where to find the balloons what need popping.

Pop Party Balloons Fortnite: Where to Destroy Decorations and Complete the Challenge

Epic Games was kind to Fortnite fans hoping to complete this challenge quickly, adding plenty of locations at which players can get to popping.

  • In the southeast of Junk Junction
  • At the mouth of the river that feeds Lazy Lagoon from the north
  • On the east shore of Lazy Lagoon
  • In the northeast corner of Loot Lake
  • Northwest of the mountaintop lair
  • Southeast of Lonely Lodge, on the far side of the road that runs around it
  • In the south end of Dusty Divot
  • Just south of the mountain west of Dusty Divot
  • Off the road southeast of Neo-Tilted
  • In the northwest of Paradise Palms
  • Beside where the grass and sand meet directly west of Paradise Palms
  • Just north of where the road between Lucky Landing and Paradise Palms dips south
  • West of the green mountain between Fatal Fields and Shifty Shafts

Photo courtesy of Epic Games