Data Miners Uncover New Audio Files Hinting Toward Verdansk Being Nuked

End of Warzone Season 2 Leaked in Audio File
End of Warzone Season 2 Leaked in Audio File / Photo courtesy of Activision

Even though it just began, it appears the end of Warzone Season 2 has been leaked in an audio file.

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone is in full swing, and changes both major and minor have been making their way across Verdansk. These changes are indications that something drastic is about to happen on the map, and a new audio leak confirms everything just shy certainty that this season will be the end of Verdansk with the inclusion of a new game mode called "Plague."

End of Warzone Season 2 Leaked in Audio File

The beginning of Season 2 featured the cargo ship Vodianoy crashing upon the shores of Verdansk just outside of Prison, bringing with it weapons and gear for the battle royale - as well as Zombies. That, in addition to the nuclear silos that have been opening up around the map, has pointed toward the destruction of something. Now that leaks of an audio file have been found, we're convinced that Verdansk will be destroyed soon.

The audio files, found by ZetsyCODLeaks, reveal a number of new quotes that indicate the end is near. Some of the lines found are "This is our last chance to save Verdansk," "This is our last broadcast," and "Verdansk is lost. End it," are all lines associated with a new game mode to come soon called Plague.

The game mode may be the final event that triggers the end of Verdansk, likely to come near the end of Season 2 as the catalyst event going into Season 3. While nothing is confirmed at this time, we're sure the biggest event to happen in Warzone is coming soon.