Apex Legends

Possible Gold Weapon Changes to Apex Legends on the Way

Gold weapons could receive changes soon.
Gold weapons could receive changes soon. | Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends may be changing how gold weapons work in a future update. Gold weapons in Apex Legends are fully kitted or perfected, versions of normal weapons. They are intended to have the strongest attachments and upgrades. and essentially act as the peak variant of said weapons. That being said, there are problems some players have with gold weapons as they are.

The issue many players have with gold weapons is they force a certain optic upon them. While other attachments indisputably make guns perform better, such as barrel stabilizers and stocks, optics are one attachment that is subjective. Many in the Apex Legends community have their own preferred optic they are most comfortable with, so locking them into a certain type of optic that they may not be used to can feel punishing. As such, pro player PVPX of Cloud9 sent a request to Respawn producer Josh Medina requesting a change, to which he responded "!remindme."

Now, this by itself is no official confirmation, but it does mean the complaints have been heard and processed. It's very possible a future patch may introduce a change that allows players to switch optics on gold weapons. Gold weapons are supposed to be the perfect version of weapons, so removing agency from the player's preferred optic is a bit of a problem. A change like this would allow them to feel like the most optimized, perfect version of the gun.