Possible Leaks Indicate Call of Duty 2024 Will Return to Black Ops


Recent leaks from Twitter user RealiityUK (whose account was just suspended) revealed maps for what they claimed is a future Call of Duty game that will be released in 2024. There were two maps shown, one titled "Stealth" and the other titled "Pillage." Images of those maps, as well as leaked maps for Modern Warfare 2 can be viewed here.

In the images shown, fans were quick to point out various details, such as a F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft, which was first deployed by the U.S. military in the '80s. The plane saw high usages during the Gulf War, leading fans to believe the unannounced 2024 title will be taking place during that time period.

If fan speculation is accurate, Treyarch's next Call of Duty title could well be Black Ops 5. The Black Ops series has been highly successful and has taken place in many different time periods.

The last Black Ops game took place during the Cold War, meaning that if this future 2024 title is taking place during the Gulf War, it would fit into the Black Ops timeline as a natural progression of the in-game world.

There is still plenty of time before any official announcements will be made regarding the series' future installment, and with Modern Warfare 2 on the way, Call of Duty fans will have their plates full of content to hold them over until then.