Apex Legends

Post-Nerf Kraber Trick Allows Players to Still One-Shot Enemies in Apex Legends

"There is a way to revert this weapon back to how it was in previous seasons."
"There is a way to revert this weapon back to how it was in previous seasons." / Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

At the start of Apex Legends: Saviors, one of the biggest weapon changes Respawn Entertainment implemented was nerfing the powerhouse Mythic weapon, the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper.

While it is still certainly an effective option, the Kraber just isn't what it once was, having its headshot multiplier and damage reduced in conjunction with helmets being buffed as well. For those who truly want to be able to one-shot other players with ease like in previous seasons, it appears there's a trick that makes the Kraber do just that even in Season 13.

As shown by Apex Legends content creator RossTheeSquirrel in their latest YouTube video, there is a certain method that allows the Kraber to eliminate players with one headshot just as it did in previous seasons.

To do this, players just need to use Rampart's Amped Cover tactical ability, as any outgoing shots sent through it will deal amplified damage to the tune of an extra 20%.

In the video, RossTheeSquirrel shows how without the trick, the Kraber does just 189 damage. With the Amped Cover boost, however, the Kraber deals 227 damage.

Coupling this with the fact that Rampart's Amped Cover just got buffed with its deploy health and deploy time, as well as her Sheila ultimate's spin-up time being quickened, it's no surprise that the Amped Modder is getting much more love this season from the community in terms of pick rate.