Potential Changes Coming to Apex Legends Gold Shield in Season 5

A potential change is coming to gold armor in Season 5.
A potential change is coming to gold armor in Season 5. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' new LTM Battle Armor Event went live Tuesday on the game's servers. With a time span of exactly a fortnight, Respawn Entertainment appears to be testing in-game changes to armor with their latest LTM. The Battle Armor Event will last all the way until the end of Season 4.

The event will spawn all players with the same levels of armor, although with varying degrees at different points throughout the event's entirety. The first few days will see white armor, followed by blue, and so on.

On the contrary, what will not be seen is gold armor: a highly frustrating armor level to play against because of its seemingly endless longevity due to its quick recharging capabilities. Considered part of the legendary category, gold armor is a nightmare for players to stack up against.

Respawn has already foreshadowed a potential change to this infuriating armor that might be seen next season. Josh Medina, a producer at Respawn Entertainment, responded to a player's question on Twitter with a question of his own in regards to the gold armor's recharging speed.

When questioned if gold armor would be removed with the introduction of evolving armor into the LTM, Medina fired back a pondering statement about removing the fast healing that gold armor possesses. Fast healing enables players to cut the speed in half for any healing consumable.

While we can only theorize how a lack of healing capabilities for gold armor might impact the free-to-play battle royale, it is certain to make some players much happier.