PowerWash Simulator Levels: How Many Levels Are There?

Photo courtesy of FuturLab

PowerWash Simulator was fully released on July 14 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game allows you to play solo or team up with a friend to run your own power washing business, and it has become one of the highest-rated games on Steam.

Now that more players are playing the game, these new players want to know what they're getting into when they first log into the simulator. There are many levels and locations to bring your PowerWashing business to. Here's how many levels there are in PowerWash Simulator.

How Many Levels are in PowerWash Simulator?

There are 37 jobs available in the PowerWash Simulator career, as well as 4 special levels. Here's a list of all available levels in PowerWash Simulator.


  • Clean the Van
  • Clean the Back Garden
  • Clean the Bungalow
  • Clean the Playground
  • Clean the Detached House
  • Clean the Shoe House
  • Clean the Vintage Car
  • Clean the Fire Station
  • Clean Grandpa Miller's Car
  • Clean the Skatepark
  • Clean the Fire Truck
  • Clean the Forest Cottage
  • Clean the Dirt Bike
  • Clean the Golf Cart
  • Clean the Motorbike and Sidecar
  • Clean the SUV
  • Clean the Penny Farthing
  • Clean the Recreation Vehicle
  • Clean the Fire Helicopter
  • Clean the Mayor's Mansion
  • Clean the Carousel
  • Clean the Tree House
  • Clean the Drill
  • Clean the Temple
  • Clean the Washroom
  • Clean the Helter Skelter
  • Clean the Private Jet
  • Clean the Frolic Boat
  • Clean the Monster Truck
  • Clean the Ferris Wheel
  • Clean the Subway Platform
  • Clean the Fortune Teller's Wagon
  • Clean the Ancient Statue
  • Clean the Stunt Plane
  • Clean the Ancient Monument
  • Clean the Fishing Boat
  • Clean the Recreational Vehicle (Again)
  • Clean the Lost City Palace


  • Clean the Mars Rover
  • Clean the Gnome Fountain
  • Clean the Mini Golf Course
  • Clean the Steam Locomotive

With over 40 jobs in total to play, it's best for players to take things slow in the opening of the game to enjoy the simulator experience, rather than speeding through the levels.