Call of Duty

Pre-Game Out of Bounds Bug is Ruining Warzone Matches

Image courtesy of Activision

There's a bug in Warzone that's ruining player matches before they even begin. Here's what you need to know.

Another week, another Warzone bug. This time, players have begun experiencing issues in the pre-game lobby which then makes matches unplayable. The problem seems to occur when players wander out of bounds during the pre-game lobby.

If players have positioned themselves in the out of bounds areas while the start timer counts down, they'll find themselves loading into the match with a permanent “Return to Comba Area” message slapped onto their screen.

To make things worse, the annoying noise will also continuously play, making it hard to concentrate let alone hear the approaching footsteps of enemy players.

Players took to Reddit to post about their experiences with this latest bug and, fortunately, there seems to be a way to fix it.

According to some players, the bug should fix itself once you die in-game. Though other commenters mentioned that the issue seemed to persist even after dying once.

Others suggested dying in the out of bounds area during the match, prompting the warning to reset itself. Taking fall damage has also been reported to help fix the bug. One user said, "If you step out of bounds and back in it stops," suggesting that players won't even need to die.

Though the way to fix the issue appears to be contested, one way to prevent the bug from ever occuring is to remain inside the designated areas when waiting in the pre-game.