Apex Legends

Predator-Ranked Apex Legends Players Caught Boosting

Apex boosters caught in the act.
Apex boosters caught in the act. / Respawn Entertainment, via King-Juggernaut

A set of Apex Legends players at the top of the game's ranking system have been caught boosting and teaming in Ranked to rake in Ranked Points and leaderboard position.

Although banned according to Apex Legends' Ranked rules, boosting and teaming are both fairly difficult to detect as they don't require the use of external software, and often don't require much in the way of interacting with other players who could report them in progress. Boosters and teamers will queue for the same matches and farm kills using Mobile Respawn Beacons, which are otherwise legitimate items, so automated detection systems frequently fall short.

Luckily, Reddit user King-Juggernaut stood witness to some cheating in the Apex Legends Xbox ladder, and their footage could be used to purge a group of boosters from matchmaking.

King-Juggernaut and their team were killed in a fight with another pair of teams that appeared to have illegaly teamed up together in a recent Predator-level game of Apex. When King-Juggernaut went to spectate the teams that killed them, they found them continuing to team up, then trading kills with one another using Mobile Respawn Beacons, unfairly padding their stats and maximizing their RP gains.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to respond to King-Juggernauts post on the Apex Legends subreddit.