Prepare to Go Dark in the Warzone Haunting of Verdansk Event

Image Provided By: Activision

As we draw nearer to spooky season this year, Infinity Ward has released their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in-game Halloween event the "Haunting of Verdansk" and they have a boatload of goodies to give to their players.

The event, which was released on Tuesday, Oct. 20 and will continue up until Nov. 3, has brought with it a wide variety of Halloween related themes and events that are guaranteed to put you in the mood for some Trick-or-Treating. These include several new operator skins, featuring costumes and apparel from the Saw film series, a new weapon and weapon variant, the Zombies Royale Limited Time Mode (LTM), and so much more.

Image Provided By: CODWarzone Reddit

The most notable feature in this limited-time event, comes in the addition of the eagerly anticipated nighttime rendition of the Warzone map. Players will no doubt be fixing thermal optics to their classes to prepare themselves for a night of bloodshed and victory as they seek to claim victory in the war-torn region of Verdansk.

Image Provided By: Charlie Intel

Alongside the new nighttime map, Warzone will also be playing host to hordes of the undead as Zombies make their way onto the mainstage once more in Call of Duty. In this LTM, players who die in Verdansk will not be sent to the Gulag for a high stakes 1v1 duel. They will instead be rising up from the grave in the form of zombies in order to collect the syringes necessary for their resurrection into the game.

So don your costumes, prep your gear and get ready for a Halloween like none you have ever seen before