Pressure plate puzzle Fortnite is the newest riddle designed to hide Fortbyte 82.

Fortbytes are collectables spread across the map hidden with riddles for fans to collect during the duration of Fortnite Season 9. Epic Games is releasing them sporadically with no numerical pattern to note, but that's not stopping players from tracking them down.

The latest one players are hunting for, Fortbyte 82, requires players to complete a pressure plate puzzle on the map. Here's everything you need to know about the challenge how to complete it.

Pressure Plate Puzzle Fortnite: How to Complete Fortnite Fortbyte 82

The pressure plates are located northwest of The Block and east of Junk Junction. The area lies essentially just off the divider of blocks A3 and A4.

This challenge also requires four players to complete, so find a squad to team up with beforehand. Once the pressure plates are found, all the squad needs to do is have three players stand on the plate while the fourth retrieves the Fortbyte. Then, have that person take the place of a pressure plate player, and repeat until everyone in the squad has acquired it.

So much for a "puzzle," Epic Games.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games