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Prime Gaming Deals May 2022

Prime Gaming
Prime Gaming / Photo courtesy Amazon

Players are trying to figure out which game deals are available for Prime Gaming members during May 2022.

With an Amazon Prime membership, players can access different Prime Gaming deals every month. Due to this, free games are announced and playable every month, similar to PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass. Are you wondering what games have been released? Look no further - we have the information you need.

Here's the games included with Prime Gaming for May 2022.

Prime Gaming Deals May 2022

Here are the games that are free during May with Prime Gaming:

• Dead Space 2
• The Curse of Monkey Island
• Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King
• Out of Line
• Cat Quest
• Mail Mole + 'Xpress Deliveries

These games are all vastly different, so there is sure to be something for every kind of player. By exploring a 2D puzzle game or explore an open world through combat, there is definitely something that will interest you. For April 2022, players also explored a range of games, from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. From this, it is clear that Amazon likes to appeal to multiple audiences by providing them with completely different games.

Players can get an Amazon Prime membership through a monthly, annual, or student plan. If you have an Amazon subscription already, you have the opportunity to take advantage of these game deals during May 2022.

Stay tuned to DBLTAP's coverage for more information on future Prime Gaming deals.