Princess Peach: Showtime Release Date

Princess Peach: Showtime comes out next year in March!
Princess Peach: Showtime comes out next year in March! / Nintendo

Back in June, Nintendo showed us a glimpse of an untitled Peach game. We learned the Mushroom Kingdom's princess would star as the main character in a theatrical adventure. A few seconds of gameplay also showed Peach's dress transforming from pink to light blue after stepping onto a pedestal. 

After months of anticipation, Nintendo finally gave the game a proper name: Princess Peach: Showtime. We also have an official release date and gameplay details.

Princess Peach: Showtime Release Date 

Princess Peach: Showtime will come to the Nintendo Switch for $60 on Mar. 22, 2024. Pre-orders are also available already. 

There’s a lot of exciting information to cover about the game. Princess Peach visits the Sparkle Theatre to see a show, but chaos unfolds when the Wicked Grape and the Sour Bunch steal the show. The princess and Stella, the theatre’s guardian, must work together to stop them.

Stella’s ribbon is the key to getting the show back. Players can use it to attack or transform Peach into different forms. Nintendo showed a handful of transformations, such as Swordfighter Peach, Kung Fu Peach, and Patisserie Peach. Each form provides a different playstyle or mini-game. 

There are more transformations, but gamers may have to wait until the official release date to see the rest.

Is Princess Peach: Showtime the First Princess Peach Game?

Princess Peach: Showtime isn’t the first adventure with Peach as a main playable character. It has been several years since the last Princess Peach game came out.

The first is the 1990 LCD game called Princess Toadstool's Castle Run. It was only playable on the Super Mario Bros. Watch, a game watch promoted by McDonald’s in Japan and the United States. In Princess Toadstool’s Castle Run, players had to dodge Koopas as Peach ran toward her castle.

Super Princess Peach arrived in 2005. In this Nintendo DS 2D platformer, Peach isn’t a damsel in distress. She and a talking umbrella named Perry rescue Mario and Luigi after Bowser kidnaps them.