Project CARS 3 Announced for Summer Release

Project CARS 3 was announced Wednesday.
Project CARS 3 was announced Wednesday. / Courtesy of Slightly Mad Studios

Bandai Namco Entertainment and Slightly Mad Studios announced Project CARS 3 on Wednesday, scheduling the sequel for release this summer.

The third entry in the Project CARS series aims to deliver many of the features common in racing titles and that players have missed in earlier iterations.

An improved career mode will allow players to progress through 10 classes of car, earning XP and in-game currency to upgrade parts as they race through different event types. With the new upgrade system, players can feasibly take a single car all the way through a career.

In-game currency earned through gameplay can also be spent to skip events players don't want to play. Playing in any game mode, including multiplayer, will earn both experience and in-game currency, with higher prizes for better placements.

Basic multiplayer will break down into three modes. Quick Race uses skill-based matchmaking to put players into one-off races against others of similar skill level. The Scheduled Event mode will feature races designed by Slightly Mad itself. Custom Lobby is the standard Project CARS experience, allowing players to adjust the rules and parameters of their races to their liking.

A separate asynchronous multiplayer mode called Rivals will present players with daily, weekly and monthly challenges designed by Slightly Mad and feeding into a leaderboard.

Shanghai, China and Interlagos in Sao Paulo, Brazil are two new tracks headed to the game.

No exact release date has been revealed.