Project Eve Officially Titled Stellar Blade

Project Eve has been officially titled as Stellar Blade.
Project Eve has been officially titled as Stellar Blade. / Courtesy of ShiftUp

The new game from ShiftUp, previously known as Project Eve, has been formally titled Stellar Blade.

The game's official name was announced as part of yesterday's State of Play presentation along with a new story trailer. In it, we see main character Eve land on an extinct Earth and meet a survivor named Adam. Eve is then led to the last remaining city, Xion, where she must work with the members in order to rebuild the city and save Earth.

According to a PlayStation blog, the main enemies Eve encounters are the NA:tive who she must battle in order to save the surviving citizens of Xion. But whether Eve helps the survivors or not, depends on the player's decision.

Combat in Stellar Blade requires players to deflect and evade attacks from the NA:tive, and attack with precise timing. Players will also be utilizing special skills and combos, and arming themselves with Beta Skills and "intense" Burst Skills.

The end of the new trailer confirms that Stellar Blade will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive. The game is set to release sometime in 2023.