PS5 Exclusive Season Receives Reveal Trailer

Season puts players in the role of witness to the end.
Season puts players in the role of witness to the end. / Photo courtesy of Scavengers Studio

Scavengers Studio released the first trailer for its game Season during The Game Awards on Thursday, previewing the game's meditative tone and gorgeous visuals.

In Season, players take on the role of a young woman exploring a rural civilization on the brink of change. She's there to document the world before it transforms, making field recordings, interviewing residents, and taking photos while traveling around by bike.

"The world of Season is a unique mix of past and present, where the mundane blends with the surreal, creating something that feels otherworldly yet relatable, strange yet familiar," creative director Kevin Sullivan wrote in a blog post published after the trailer's release.

"In Season, the mood is warm and melancholic. It's a world at the end of a golden age, where you take a bittersweet last look before it becomes a distant, faded memory."

Sullivan says Season's painterly aesthetic was inspired by early Japanese woodblock print artists and mid-20th century poster artists. That look combined with the game's nostalgic tone makes it a game to watch.

Season will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5. No release date has been announced.