PS5 Most Popular Console to Develop For, Per GDC Survey

The PlayStation 5 leads the console market in terms of developer interest.
The PlayStation 5 leads the console market in terms of developer interest. / Photo courtesy of Sony

More developers want to work on games for the PlayStation 5 than any other console, according to a survey published Wednesday by the Game Developers Conference. PC remains the most popular development platform.

The GDC survey polled 3,000 developers and found 44% of those polled were "most interested" in developing for the PlayStation 5, making it the most popular console. It beat out the Nintendo Switch by 6% and the Xbox Series X|S by 14%.

All that developer interest in the PS5 is great news for Sony. The company recently shared its plans to increase investments in both first-party development studios and partnerships with third-party developers in pursuit of a banner number of exclusive games. Being developer-friendly on a hardware level is another card in Sony's hand as it tries to outplay Microsoft's Xbox consoles.

PC leads the category at 58% of developers designating it the platform in which they're most interested. That's a trend several years running, likely because of the ease of access to PC development.

VR headsets, iOS and Android all sit tied at 27%. AR headsets landed at 15%, Mac at 12%, and Google Stadia at 6%.

Thirty-eight percent of developers said they were involved in VR or AR game development in this year's poll — that's down from 46% last year, indicating a drop in interest for the platforms. Oculus Quest remained the most popular VR/AR platform, with 52% of respondents interested in developing for it.