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PS5 Players Struggle With Online Issues Following System Update

Image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation 5 players have been reporting issues with online play after downloading Sony's latest system update for the console.

Sony has globally rolled out a new system update for the PS5 and PS4 which aims to bring a number of "fan-requested features" to the consoles. Players will now be able to create or join Open and Closed Parties on both the PS5 and the PS4, as well as UI enhancements for Game Base and Trophy cards on the PS5.

Sadly, the update seems to have come with some problems when connecting to online servers for games such as Elden Ring or Call of Duty: Vanguard, amongst others. For Elden Ring in particular, players have been met with a message which reads, "Could not verify PlayStation Plus Subscription" despite players having an active subscription to the service.

Similar issues have been reported across other online games.

Elden Ring players initially believed the issue was with the game's own servers, with maintenance having been scheduled around roughly the same time. However, maintenance was soon prolonged owing to the issues on PlayStation's side.

It seems that, in Elden Ring's case at least, that the issues for PlayStation may be over with the game having completed its delayed maintenance on PlayStation.

Sony has yet to confirm the reasons behind the issues that players have been experiencing, or if they have been fully resolved.