PS5 System Software Update Explained

The PS5, Photo Courtesy of PlayStation
The PS5, Photo Courtesy of PlayStation /

A new software update has been released for the PS5 giving users an even better experience than when the console first launched.

The PS5 launched in November of 2020, and since then, Sony has been working hard to update some console features. After a few months of testing with a beta program, Sony finally released a major software update with changes gamers will be excited about.

The update includes 1440p HDMI video output, game lists, the ability to request a Share Screen, and other social features users have requested. This update also includes changes to the PS App and the ability to compare 3D audio to stereo audio more easily.

Breaking down the big changes in the PS5 software update:

For starters, the biggest addition to me has to be game lists. This new feature allows users to create lists of the games in their library. You can add the same game to multiple lists, allowing users to better organize their library.

Next up, the addition of 1440p gives users another option to enhance their gaming experience. Check out a clip from Playstation on the 1440p resolution below.

Another big feature is the ability to request a share screen while in a party. Party members can now request someone to start a share screen to watch their gameplay. This can be done in the party member by selecting the party member you want to watch and by pressing the request share screen.

In addition to the major changes on the PS5 itself, Sony also announced some news that will be coming to the app store on your phone. Later this month Sony will be updating the PS App on iOS and Android.

The changes will allow players to launch a PS Remote Play session directly from the app assuming the console is in rest mode. The other big addition will allow party members to request a share screen session from their phone while on the go.

These additions will make gaming much more enjoyable, not just on the console itself but on the go. Before jumping into your next Playstation game, ensure your console is up to date to experience some of these great additions. Now we just have to wait for the ability to change the theme on the home screen.

Cover Photo Courtesy of PlayStation