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PUBG Announcement: BRDM Amphibious Vehicle Coming Soon

The BRDM is a new vehicle on its way to PUBG that is as effective on roads as in the water.

The BRDM is a new armored vehicle coming to PUBG, developer PUBG Corp announced Tuesday.

In a developer update video posted to YouTube, PUBG executive producer TS Jang describes the BRDM as "an amphibious armored vehicle." It can be used underwater or on land, transitioning between the two seamlessly. That flexibility, combined with its highly resistant armor, makes the vehicle particularly useful.

Based on footage in the dev update, players will be able to call in the BRDM using the flare gun already in the game, indicating will likely replace the armored UAZ PUBG Corp first added to the game in April 2018.

The BRDM is based on a Russian armored patrol car of the same name first used under the Soviet Union. The APC remains in service in several countries today. It was announced for PUBG alongside an upcoming ledge grabbing system and improvements to the progression system in the game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp