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PUBG Announcement Includes Ledge Grab Reveal, Bringing Parkour to PUBG

Ledge grabbing is coming to PUBG, according to a developer update posted Wednesday.

A PUBG announcement in the form a developer update was released Thursday, and a new ledge grab mechanic is on its way to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

With the new mechanic, PUBG players will be able to leap from building to building, grabbing ledges and railings and hauling themselves up onto the other side. This will allow players to climb structures they previously couldn't and move more freely through the game's environments, as shown in footage from the dev update.

The addition of ledge grabbing will likely erode one of the main differences between PUBG and its competing battle royales. PUBG has long touted itself as the more hardcore, realistic battle royale experience. With that realism has come more finicky and rough movement. Ledge grabbing is a step toward the kind of smooth movement on display in other battle royales such as Apex Legends.

PUBG Corp has yet to reveal a timeline for when ledge grabbing will reach the game.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp