New Anti-Cheat Measures Added to PUBG

New anti-cheat measures added to PUBG.
New anti-cheat measures added to PUBG. / Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

New anti-cheat measures have been added to PUBG, developers announced Friday. Developers released a letter explaining all of the new anti-cheat measures that have been added and the ones they still intend to implement. Cheating is a very well known problem in PUBG and developers have been working on measures to stop cheating.

New Anti-Cheat Measures Added to PUBG

Implemented Anti-Cheat Measures

  • SMS verification was the first measure implemented recently. Developers decided this wasn't enough to prevent cheating.
  • Kicking users from gamers if there are easy to recognize cheats. In the future this behavior will lead to a ban.
  • Players that receive bans cannot be displayed on the leaderboard.
  • Using more hardware bans and expanding the hardware ban system.

Anti-Cheat Measures Coming Soon

  • Increasing the amount of leaderboard monitoring to ban players that are climbing unfairly.
  • Detecting when players unfairly raise their rank and banning them using pattern recognition.
  • Monitoring more high ranked players as well as previous results if there is any doubt.
  • Banning players using cheats that falsify gun-based logs.
  • Make a mobile authenticator required for new accounts.