PUBG Bot Continues Shooting at Dead Body

PUBG adds bots to help match-making.
PUBG adds bots to help match-making. / Photo Courtesy of PUBG Corp

The recent addition of bots to PUBG in their latest update to aid in match making and reduce lobby wait time has not been viewed positively by some players.

Redditor u/PaulEBluebird ran into a bot and managed to see this lack of skill, which turned out to become a funny clip that exemplifies a bots performance as the sound proved vital in showing their lack of abilities.

Redditor u/PaulEBluebird encountered a player already in a fight and in a favorable position behind a rock positioned behind the player, killed them off first. As u/PaulEBluebird approached the dead players body, the player decides to take a more diagonal path as gunshots were consistently heard nearby.

As u/PaulEBluebird gains the high ground and looks at the new shooter, the player notices an opponent shooting at the rock in which the player u/PaulEBluebird killed. Still shooting at the rock and not turning in any other direction u/PaulEBluebird shoots dead the player, claiming it to be a bot as its actions clearly resembles a bot.

Comments were made in a joking and funny manner as one Redditor u/SuperEzzy6 commented "bot rule number two, make sure they are dead." Another Redditor u/ClappinCheeks120 shared their own bot experience and commented "I had one shooting a door, it was so funny and stupid."

The addition of bots in PUBG have been funny at times due to their poor abilities and gameplay. Others will complain the addition of bots has reduced competitiveness and skill or ability growth as they are easy kills, even for beginners.