PUBG Chaos Embodied in a Single Clip

All the chaos of PUBG is contained in this clip.
All the chaos of PUBG is contained in this clip. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

Despite what its trailer would have you believe, PUBG is typically a quiet game. Much of the chaos shown off in those short highlight reels takes place in short bursts, spread across massive maps.

But every once in a while, the game lives up to its frenetic marketing. This clip, posted to the PUBG subreddit Saturday by u/dantfc, is just such a moment.

The video begins in media res, with dantfc and his two living teammates embroiled in a shootout in an open field on Erangel. Dantfc is taking cover behind a UAZ when he downs an enemy and hops inside the very instant before an enemy rams their dune buggy into the truck, tipping it over into the path of another UAZ filled with enemies.

The second UAZ slams into dantfc's, but he jumps out again before it makes contact, and the two trucks roll over him, dealing minimal damage. Dantfc reels from the impact, then spins to find himself face to face with the team that just tried to run him over.

He and the team open fire, bullets flying everywhere, and he manages to knock down three of them before taking cover behind the two now-empty UAZs. He tries to heal, but is downed by shooting from a third team in the fight. Finally his teammates arrive and provide covering fire, allowing him the chance to crawl behind the burning wreckage of his original UAZ.

From there, he sees his teammates kill the last enemy standing, leaving behind eight dead bodies and three wrecked cars in a perfect display of PUBG insanity.