PUBG Cheater Wins Match Shooting Through Walls

This PUBG cheater killed several players through walls
This PUBG cheater killed several players through walls / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG has struggled with cheating since it first hit market on PC, and despite wave after wave of mass bans, players still find ways to manipulate the game to their own ends.

This clip, posted to the PUBG console subreddit Friday by u/built-in-80s, shows a particularly egregious example of cheating. The clip begins with eight players alive near the end of a duos match. The camera follows a player named LillBlue72 as they circle the hill at the center of the play area.

Two AKM shots ring out, and the name Socialiable appears in the killfeed having murdered two opponents in a split second. LillBlue72 has no view of the kills, and takes cover behind a thick wall. A moment later another single AKM shot sounds and LillBlue72 dies instantly.

LillBlue72 spectates their killer — also Socialiable — and discovers the other player staring into a wall for several seconds straight before snap-turning around and firing eight bullets with a single trigger pull. They are aiming at another wall, but the bullets find a target regardless, killing another player instantly.

Socialiable performs their cheat one more time to kill the last remaining player, winning the match.

"Between the crashing and the cheats, this game is getting harder and harder to love," built-in-80s wrote in their Reddit post.