PUBG Clip Perfectly Captures the Chaos Taking Place in the Skies

Maybe PUBG needs a training mode for flying gliders.
Maybe PUBG needs a training mode for flying gliders. / Courtesy of PUBG Corp. via u/Karg1n

A picturesque landscape in Erangel can only be appreciated for so long before something ridiculous happens.

In PUBG, or any battle royale, there's never much time to appreciate the environment. Whether playing on PC, console or the revamped mobile, players are constantly vying for survival. Even if you have a chance to relax, you might encounter a glitch that takes you out of the moment.

This clip initially appears to be an appreciation post for a moment of tranquility in PUBG. Of course, that doesn't last long before a couple of pilots cause a disaster.

The clip was posted to the PUBG subreddit by u/Karg1n with the title "Just a Normal Day on Erangel." Initially, it's just a shot of the landscape while one player parachutes towards the map in the distance. Soon a couple of gliders appear and disaster is soon to follow.

Of course, these two gliders crash right into one another. We see one of the players hilariously tumble out of his plane. It's incredible, with all that space in the sky, that these pilots couldn't manage to avoid one another.

The PUBG Continental Series 2 Finals kick off on Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. ET.