PUBG Clip Shows Persistent Rendering Problem

This PUBG clip shows a major in-game bug.
This PUBG clip shows a major in-game bug. /

PUBG has come a long way since it first hit Steam Early Access. In those early days the game was a mess of bugs, glitches and various other problems. PUBG Corp has worked hard to clean up the game, taking it from those dark early days to an esports-ready competitive experience.

Still, myriad problems persist, and some are worse than others. This clip from u/milkonrocks shows one of the more pernicious bugs still in PUBG.

In the clip, milkonrocks leans over a wooden crate while scoping out an open field. An opponent from across the field spots them out and takes shots. It only takes two before milkonrocks drops dead. To this point, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

When milkonrocks reviewed the footage, however, they found that from their opponent’s perspective, that wooden crate hadn’t rendered at all. Though the shots in the clip landed on milkonrocks’ head, if they had been aimed lower they would have connected all the same.

This rendering at great distance is a well-documented bug, one of more than a hundred collected in a video by streamer Rusk1turbo. As long as it remains in the game, PUBG will continue to unfairly favor those with long range weaponry.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp