PUBG Console Hotfix Goes Live Wednesday

PUBG servers on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 will go down for at least four hours Wednessay night to implement a hotfix into the game.

This hotfix, considered much-needed by players recently, will roll back several sound updates that were not working properly since 4.3 has been released. These changes, which included tweaking the volumes of footsteps and player movement in water, as well as adding a new song to the jukeboxes found around the map. While the actual sounds were welcomed by players, their usefulness was not updated properly in 4.3.

While this may sound like an arbitrary game feature for the more casual player, being able to properly interpret sounds of player movement is crucial to maintaining stealth, allowing you both to sneak up on and hide from your enemies.

Aside from the sound updates, PUBG Console Paatch 4.3 has proven to be one of the most popular updates to the game since its launch. This is most likely due to 4.3's biggest feature being the implementation of cross-platform play, allowing PS4 and Xbox players to be grouped together in the same matchmaking lobby.

Image Courtesy PUBG Corp