PUBG Console Season 5 Release Date Announced

PUBG Corp confirmed the PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Season 5 console release date Wednesday, alongside patch notes.

PUBG Season 5, particularly with Update 5.1, brings about improvements to the game's second map, Miramar. Those changes include updated loot, map objects, terrain and a new static scope on the map-exclusive Win94 repeating rifle.

PUBG Corp made a concerted effort to get console updates in a more timely fashion after they hit PC live servers. Luckily for console players, they won't have to wait long for Update 5.1.

PUBG Season 5 to Hit Console Servers Oct. 29

PUBG Season 5 will hit both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One live servers Oct. 29. That's just six days after the patch hits PC live servers.

Season 5 also includes a new Survivor Pass. "Survivor Pass: Badlands rewards players with outfits and weapon skins themed around the harsh desert and its former inhabitants. Additionally, players can also dive into the history of Miramar for the first time as they unlock parts of the Season 5 story trailer together as a community, while playing the game like normal," PUBG Corp said in a press release.

PC players can hop on the Test Server now and try out Update 5.1 before the live server release date.

PUBG Season 4 ended Tuesday.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp