PUBG Console Update 5.3's 4 Biggest Changes

PUBG Console Update 5.3 will bring several quality of life improvements
PUBG Console Update 5.3 will bring several quality of life improvements / PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp revealed the patch notes for PUBG Console Update 5.3 Friday. The update will be the last of 2019, capping off the year with a series of quality of life improvements. Here are the four most important ones.

1. Improvements to Blood Effects

PUBG's blood sprays can be finicky, but Update 5.3 aims to improve them significantly. The size of the blood splash will be unified across all color settings, and splatter will be shown on walls and floors when characters are hit near them. Headshots will produce a distinct visual effect to identify when they take place, and other wounds will provide clearer information about which body part has been hit.

2. Death Cam

PUBG will finally receive the death cam feature that's been a staple of multiplayer shooters since Call of Duty achieved global domination. Players will be able to see how they died from their murderer's perspective through the results screen.

3. Continuous Item Use

Players will now be able to toggle a feature allowing items such as bandages to continue being used automatically if necessary. This will let them press the healing button once, rather than spamming it, to heal to full health.

4. Favorite Weapon

Players will be able to highlight a favorite weapon in the Weapon Mastery tab. This weapon will show up as the first weapon in their PUBG ID.