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PUBG Console Update 6.3 Adds Panzerfaust Rocket Launcher

The Panzerfaust rocket launcher is coming in PUBG Update 6.3.
The Panzerfaust rocket launcher is coming in PUBG Update 6.3. | Courtesy of PUBG Corp

The Panzerfaust rocket launcher will arrive in PUBG Console Update 6.3, set to arrive on live servers early Thursday morning. The update will forgo a Public Test Server testing period for consoles, arriving directly on live servers.

The Panzerfaust is the first explosive PUBG weapon not including throwables. It will be exclusive to Karakin, discoverable as uncommon loot around the map. It is also guaranteed to appear in every airdrop that lands on Karakin and occupies a primary weapon equip slot.

The Panzerfaust's warhead explodes either on impact or on being shot out of the air. Its damage radius is six meters from the point of impact and can deal damage through thin walls and objects.

As with the Sticky Bomb, the Panzerfaust can be used to breach specific walls on Karakin.

Firing the Panzerfaust creates a backblast that damages enemies and teammates alike within a three meter zone behind the weapon.

Each Panzerfaust carries only a single rocket, after which the weapon is discarded and unable to be picked up.

Maintenance to apply PUBG Console Update 6.3 is scheduled to take place from 1 a.m. ET to 3 a.m. ET Thursday.