PUBG Console Update 7.1 Goes Live

PUBG Console Update 7.1 is Live and people are not happy
PUBG Console Update 7.1 is Live and people are not happy / Courtesy of PUBG Corp

PUBG Console Update 7.1 went live Tuesday, and the feedback is not so great. We originally first saw the patch notes earlier this month and people were excited. We'd be seeing a redesigned Vikendi coming back to the game, new vehicles, and a semi-new gun in the Mosin-Nagant. The other issue they mentioned which has been the bane of many console players' existence is the addition of AI-controlled bots in public matches. Here's everything you need to know about the new patch:

PUBG Console Update 7.1 Bots

The addition of bots has been furiously attacked by the community and has buried any positive feedback that players might have. The only voice being heard from the community currently is the negative, critical disappointment with this decision. And, quite frankly, it makes sense.

I didn't include many quotes either from the Reddit console Update 7.1 megathread, or the responses from the tweet above because most of them contain a lot of unkind language. Plus, it was too hard to choose, so if you want to see firsthand the overwhelmingly negative response to bots console players had, go to either of those links above.

Players joining into a 100 person lobby don't want to run into bots constantly. If there were 5-10 in a lobby just to fill the match in order to limit queue times, that would be one thing, but it sounds like people are getting into games with a vast majority of players being AI-controlled bots. If you buy a multiplayer game, you want to have competition against other players.

The other large source of negative feedback is the overpowered M249. It was nerfed with a recoil addition of 50%, but players are still finding it problematic and demand it be returned to crates.

Hopefully, with the promise of an "Open Dev" philosophy, the developers will hear the community and make the necessary changes.