PUBG Console Update: Season 4 Release Date and Cross Platform Play

PUBG Season 4 is coming on Aug. 27 with a new Survivor Pass and a slew of new changes for the game's map, Erangel. In addition to the usual preview articles and developer updates, we got a sneak peak at some of the new Season 4 content through the PUBG Gamescom trailer.

PUBG Console Update: Season 4

First thing's first — the Season 4 changes which will affect everyone. Erangel is getting a visual update, but you shouldn't just think of it as a graphics upgrade. Several locations and structures are getting retooled, meaning there will be new places to hide, take cover, and play cat-and-mouse with your enemies.

The Aug. 27 update will also include a new Survivor Pass for $14.99, which will come with a number of brand new Erangel-themed cosmetics.

Cecilia Lee, one of the Community Managers at PUBG Corporation, also put out an article indicating that beta testing for cross platform play will start some time in late September.

Cover image courtesy of PUBG Corporation