PUBG Contraband Coupon: How to Earn Coupons

Contraband / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp.

PUBG's Contraband Coupons are needed to purchase new cosmetics released in the new Season 12 event.

Battle of the Contrabands on PUBG will include new events, skin upgrades, and event points to cash in on cosmetics. Here are some of the ways to get the Contraband coupons for new cosmetics.

Contraband Coupon
Contraband Coupon / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp.

PUBG Contraband Coupon: How to Earn

The game is celebrating the launch of there new weapon skin upgrade system, by having players participate and earn contraband coupons:

  • Click 'Join Event' on the Event Page to participate.
  • Play and complete daily missions to earn Event Points.
  • Collect points to earn Contraband Coupons!
  • Multiple Contraband Coupons can be used to open Contraband crates.
  • Rewards: 90 Contraband Coupons

Players can use these coupons to purchase Contraband crates that cost 10 coupons. These crates include:

  • Upgradable weapon skins
  • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)
  • Schematics (Material)
  • Polymer (Material)

This event is scheduled for PC from June 2 to June 15 and console from June 10 to June 23. The event starts at 3:00 a.m ET. This allows players to get a total of 90 Contraband coupons from participating in this event. The event, El Solitario Collaboration, will have players do daily missions to earn points and cosmetics.

The point system for the event acquired from players does expire once the period ends, so it is important to be active during this time to gather as many points as possible.