PUBG Corp announced Thursday the next update for PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4 will be published July 30.

The PUBG developer made the announcement on Twitter via a poll asking players which map of the four they would want to see as the Featured Map when the update goes live. As of Thursday morning, Erangel was dominating the poll which a full 50% of votes.

PUBG Corp has yet to reveal details of the upcoming update. The next round of the ongoing Erangel rebalance and visual remaster is likely to be included, as are more quality of life improvements, the BRDM-2 armored vehicle, the Desert Eagle pistol, and the ledge grab system.

PUBG Xbox and PS4 Update 8 arrived June 27. That update added the second round of Erangel loot rebalance changes, the autoequip feature for weapon attachments, a new controller preset to improve leaning while aiming, and the Weapon Mastery progression system.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp