PUBG Corp Announces Update to NA PC Servers

PUBG Corp announced several new updates on for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS' North American PC servers that will provide for smoother and more efficient gameplay.

According to several North American PUBG players, PC servers were having some serious connection issues, leading to delayed play and faulty default firing modes. The PUBG development team has been hard at work trying to iron out these problems, and seems to have fixed them on a large portion of the North American servers.

PUBG Corp Announces Update to NA PC Servers

According to @Hawkinz, a PUBG community manager, at least 60% of servers are now online and operating normally, and most firing problems should be fixed.

PUBG notoriously has glitches and bugs in game, but server responsiveness is vital to the game. As can be seen by the tweet from @Hawkinz, PUBG developers are always looking for players to help point out any glitches that need fixing.

If you're looking to hop on PUBG today, odds are your server will be one that is fixed. If not, you may have to settle for a temporarily buggy experience.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp