PUBG Corp Discusses Skill-Based Rating Test in Blog Post

PUBG Corp discussed the skill-based rating system test in a blog post published Tuesday
PUBG Corp discussed the skill-based rating system test in a blog post published Tuesday / PUBG Corp

PUBG Corp published a post-mortem on the recently finished skill-based rating system test Tuesday, revealing some results from the test.

The first PUBG skill-based rating system test ran six weeks, beginning in November and ending in January. Over those weeks, approximately 18.8% of PC players and 22.3% of console players opted into the test.

PUBG Corp broke down participation rates by region, revealing Europe, the Middle East and Africa had the lowest PC participation rate of any region at 15.2%. North American was close behind at 15.3%, while Japan had the most at 20.9%.

North America had the lowest console participation rate at 21.5%, followed by Europe, the Middle East and Asia at 23.5%. Korea had the highest console participation rate at 32.8%.

"For some context here, we would not have been surprised to see 10% or less of players opt-in based on research and experience with other games — so these numbers were very surprising and exciting," PUBG Corp wrote in its blog post.

Players were sorted into the different tiers according to the following numbers across all PC regions:

  • Bronze: 2.85% of players
  • Silver: 37.47%
  • Gold: 30.16%
  • Platinum: 24.15%
  • Diamond: 5.24%
  • Master: 1.05%

With these results in mind, PUBG Corp plans to make it more difficult to reach any given tier, but also to smooth out that difficulty across all tiers. It identified the Diamond tier as too small and the Bronze and Master tiers as too large.

Testing skill-based ratings in PUBG Labs allowed PUBG Corp greater flexibility in adjusting it, making the developer optimistic about the second test, scheduled to begin in February.

"Skill Based Rating is a workin progress, and we will continue to work together with the community to make sure we are always pushing the ball forward in the right direction," PUBG Corp wrote.