PUBG Corp is Looking to Improve PUBG Console Ping System

Recently, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS has added a ping system, similar to Apex Legends, that allows players to use in-game commands to alert their allies of information or to coordinate movement.

However, PUBG Xbox players have been finding some difficulty with using the ping system. Reddit users have stated that the ping system feels far too complex, and that it makes it very slow to ping simple information for your teammates. Players have felt that older versions of the ping system were far simpler and more effective than what is currently placed in the game, as many of the commands within the ping system could easily be communicated through a microphone.

A member of PUBG Corp has actually responded to these users stating that there have been internal discussions within the development team regarding some improvements and fixes upon the system.

PUBG Xbox has recently experienced some server maintenance, and some new content has been recently added to the live servers.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp