PUBG Corp celebrated the progress of the Erangel visual remaster Wednesday by releasing a recap of its test phase on the Public Test Server. Testing ran from June 6 to June 11.

PUBG Corp's recap comes in the form of a series of infographics highlighting interesting and entertaining statistics gathered from all the PUBG PTS participants over the course of the test.

More than 870,000 players took part in the test, playing a combined 182,383 hours on Erangel. A fraction of the 771,821 eliminated players were revived — just 171,350 — and only 9,221 players took home chicken dinners. Eleven of those victories were squad wins completed without killing an enemy.

Players covered 1.5 million kilometers in vehicles, running over 5,727 players in the process and blowing up 44,885 cars.

The stats shared included weapon and ammo usage, with the M416 firing 9,643,279 shots — 4 million more than the AKM, which sported the next highest total. 17,444,763 rounds of 5.56mm ammo were expended.

Stats specific to the Erangel redesign included the number of destructible haystacks (1,157) and the number of visits to secret bunkers (1,437), both new features added in the redesign.

The recap also included the six most popular pieces of feedback, three positive and three negative. It closed by sharing a brief FAQ about the redesign and a promise to share more information about the redesign timeline in the future.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp