PUBG Corp Releases Season 5 Behind the Scenes Video

Inside PUBG Season 5 gives fans a behind the scenes look at the new season
Inside PUBG Season 5 gives fans a behind the scenes look at the new season /

PUBG Corp released a video Friday explaining some of the thinking behind PUBG Season 5.

The video, the latest in the Inside PUBG series, explains how the biggest changes in the season came about.

Beginning with lore, design lead of the premium development unit Jeongjin Kook explained that Season 4's approach could stand some improvement. The team decided to try to integrate the story in the gameplay, rather than relegate it to a trailer outside of the game.

"I thought if we could mix in the story with the gameplay, players would enjoy both sides more and acquire a stronger sense of fun all the while playing the game," Kook explained.

The most striking gameplay addition in the new season is newly throwable melee weapons. This idea was born when grenade bug fixing made it possible to launch larger objects.

"I was improving our projectile code to fix bugs in grenade movement," said actiona and gameplay programmer Vasili Ianushevich. "At some point, this refactor made it possible to launch even big game objects with proper physics applied. So I tried replacing grenades with frying pans."

"And it was amazing, so we immediately turned this into an actual feature."

The video also touches on the Miramar improvements and healing item throwing.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp