PUBG Corp Resolves PC Issue Regarding Aiming Down Sights

PUBG Corp addressed and resolved an issue for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS PC players Tuesday morning.

PUBG PC players ran into an issue that would cause distortion when aiming down sights while prone. Aiming down sights is one of the most important tools in PUBG, let alone all of first-person shooters. It lets players be more precise and particular with their aiming, shooting, and in PUBG's case, eliminating.

Not to mention, going prone is a key feature in PUBG that lets players add a tactical approach to their game. And, let's face it, let's them camp more.

The issue at hand caused players to have a distorted view of aiming down sights when prone on the ground. PUBG Support acted quickly and had the issue resolved in less than five hours.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp