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PUBG Corp Reveals Inside Look at Anti-Cheat Update

PUBG Corp revealed an inside look at their recent Ant-Cheat update. PUBG and any shooter deals with a wide selection of cheaters that attempt to ruin the fun for everyone else.

PUBG Corp wants to cut down on that trend.

PUBG Corp Reveals Inside Look at Anti-Cheat Update

The focus is on limiting the adapting power that hackers possess. Every time companies create a system to stop hacking of any sort, the hackers adapt and make a new system.

Now, PUBG Corp has created a tool to combat that system.

This hasn't stopped PUBG from being banned in certain countries. Jordan has now joined the list of other countries that have decided against PUBG. The country is reportedly looking to ban six more games, including Fortnite. It's not known whether they can stop people who have already bought PUBG or just stop platforms from selling the game going forward.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp